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Emissions Control with Proteck

12 Oct 2016, Posted by McPherson Oil in Oil Tips

Many diesel trucks run on the interstates of the US. There are 6 million light duty trucks and 2 million heavy-duty trucks in the US on the road today. About 500,000 are clean diesel trucks, manufactured after stricter emissions standards were implemented in 2007. Since then, much more has been required of oils that are used in these new engines. Oils like Proteck help engines to run well with new emissions standards in place that cause challenges for engine oils.

Clean Diesel and Soot

The days of clouds of smoke being emitted from diesel trucks is becoming a thing of the past with clean diesel. Most of the soot ends up trapped or oxidized in the emissions system. The downside is that more soot also ends up in the engine. Soot that builds up in the combustion chamber is scraped down the sides of the cylinder bore and ultimately ends up in the oil. Soot levels in the oil are usually in the 2-10% range. Even 3-5% is enough to cause problems. Soot buildup causes abrasion, which increases wear, and also inhibits oil flow. Oil in modern diesels has to stand up to more rigorous standards to handle this soot loading.

CJ4 Oil

With new emissions standards, a whole new class of oil was developed. This oil called CJ-4 ended up being a result of concerns of particulate filters being clogged with traditional additives that prevent wear and neutralize acids. With CJ4, emissions system maintenance is reduced as filters won’t clog as often. CJ4 API grade oil is produced by Proteck and uses different additives which handle soot better, keeping it suspended in the oil. These additives actually outperformed previous additives leading to longer drain intervals.

Heat and efficiency

CJ4 also does a better job of handling heat with its high temperature stability. This is important, as clean diesel engines run hotter. With this ability to work well under high heat, the result is that the engine runs more efficiently. This efficiency is key as it results in better fuel economy and longer engine life. Proteck oil has the ability to increase fuel efficiency by 1-3% over conventional oil with its full synthetic oil.

Proteck Keeps Your Engine Rolling

Our heavy duty motor oils with the CJ4 designation have been million-mile tested. We have a higher starting TBN than other motor oils. This means that it resists oxidation and acid buildup that causes rust and corrosion. Your fleet will benefit from added fuel economy and longer engine life. Our Proteck Elite Full Synthetic engine oils are specifically engineered for heavy duty diesel engines operating under most service conditions. Let Proteck oil help keep your fleet’s engines running. Contact McPherson Oil Company today to learn more about Proteck oil!

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